F A Q’s

Q: Texas is a warm state. Do I really need insulation?

A: Insulation helps keep your home both warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. Of course, in southeast and central Texas, cooling is the main concern. And your main benefit. Insulation, whether a total replacement or additional added to existing insulation will reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

Q: Does insulation only help with the temperature?

A: Insulation certainly helps with temperature regulation. It also helps with sound proofing. Blown-in fiberglass, batt, spray foam all reduce sound intrusion. Both from the outside and from within your home. Proper sealing that is done with insulation projects stops drafts.

Q: Do all homes have insulation already?

A: Homes built before 1940 have a good chance it won’t have insulation. If it does, it may need improvement or replacement (including cleaning out the old insulation.) So your beloved vintage craftsman home doesn’t have to be drafty! It is ideal to insulate a home as it is built, but there are options to retro-fit insulation into an existing home.

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